Birthday Horoscope

October 19, 2017

The New Moon occurring on your birthday portends a clean break with the past and an opportunity to begin your life anew. However, change may come unexpectedly and you could suddenly find yourself thrust into a new situation, especially at home or in your career. Fortunately, you will have what it takes to respond to challenges with objectivity and detachment. Your inner strength and faith in your ability to rise above the struggles of everyday life will set the stage for success. Transitions will be managed with your trademark charm. Any stress that you experience is likely to be kept behind closed doors. You can excel at any activities that involve crisis management or updating old systems with more modern techniques or equipment.

In love, you will present a facade of sweetness and light. Your modus operandi will involve maintaining harmony and avoiding conflict. Image is everything. Just be careful that you don’t become so caught up in what your relationship looks like that you neglect to cultivate a connection the feeds your heart and soul. In friendship, you will be rather lucky and will benefit from the company of people who broaden your horizons. The individuals that you attract are likely to be smart, wise, worldly, and generous. You will benefit from joining groups and organizations that reflect your interests.

With home and family, you may break with tradition and implement changes that some might view as unconventional. These decisions will be geared toward promoting greater long-term stability.

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