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Birthday Horoscope

October 16 2017 Birthday Horoscope

October 16, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, external turbulence will force you to become more adaptable and to develop new abilities. You may not realize how much more you are capable of until pressure compels you to grow. You will manage sudden changes of circumstance with your trademark grace and charm. Your talent as an innovator will help you to make the most of whatever life throws your way. Your ability to adapt to new developments and to introduce new techniques into old ways of doing things will be an asset in any field. Any stress that you experience is likely to be kept behind closed doors.

Your emotional strength coupled with a strong sense of your own power will provide the fearlessness needed to try new things. Travel and the pursuit of new adventures may feature in your plans. You will be very passionate about the things that interest you and will dive deep into these experiences. You will be rather methodical and thorough in these pursuits, carefully plotting every step. You may be drawn to people from countries, cultures, or backgrounds that are different from your own.

You will embrace a more enlightened approach to romance and to child-rearing. Challenging experiences in the past have taught you what works and you have learned some lessons the hard way. Flexibility, greater freedom, and honoring each person’s individuality will be a hallmark of how you relate.

Whether you are a creative professional or a dabbler, you can fully develop your artistic gifts. Using the most cutting-edge techniques and equipment relating to your craft can elevate your work.

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