Birthday Horoscope

October 15, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, unexpected twists and turns will put your resilience to the test. Fortunately, you may take this as the wake-up call you need to embrace life anew. Even though the change may be set into motion by forces outside your control, you may ultimately feel that it is a good thing. Your strength, self-discipline, and talent as an innovator will help you to make the best of whatever life throws your way. Your ability to adapt to new developments and to introduce new techniques into old ways of doing things will be an asset in any field.

Restlessness will inspire you to learn new things, visit new places, and pursue new experiences. You will be rather methodical in these pursuits, carefully plotting every step. You may be drawn to people from countries, cultures, or backgrounds that are different from your own. You will benefit from the wisdom, kindness, and generosity of friends.

Your ability to embrace change can also benefit your love life. You will have a more enlightened view of dating and relating. The more freedom you give your partner and the more you honor your own individuality and need for space, the stronger the bond grows between you. It may seem counterintuitive, but being flexible and going with the flow can encourage greater trust and help to strengthen your relationship.

Creative pursuits can bring joy. Whether you are a professional or a dabbler, you can fully develop your gifts. Using the most cutting-edge techniques and equipment relating to your craft can elevate your work.

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