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Birthday Horoscope

October 14 2019 Birthday Horoscope

October 14, 2019

Happy Birthday! You have a magical allure this year and people are drawn into your orbit by your magnetic and captivating energy and appeal. Your creativity is through the roof and you must find ways to express your enormous talent. This includes music, writing, painting, poetry, dance, and even acting. This year is an extremely lucky one for you, and the projects you start, or the goals you set, all have the likelihood of succeeding, so do not hold yourself back. People are drawn to you and want to listen to you, and your confidence and open heartedness draws the support of those around you.

At the same time, this year you will be asked to look at your deep need to control and even dominate others, to confront your tendency to obsess and feel threatened when things don’t go your way. You don’t intend to push people away or to back them into a corner, yet these unconscious and destructive patterns do just that. The good news is that this is coming up so that you can get to the source of what causes this behavior and heal it once and for all. Consider finding a good therapist because it’s time to dig deep and uncover the early wounds that left these scars and coping mechanisms so that you can dismantle them for good. A reading with a Love Psychic can help you figure out what you need to do differently in order to have peace in your beautiful, magical kingdom.

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