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Birthday Horoscope

October 13 2019 Birthday Horoscope

October 13, 2019

Happy Birthday! This is such an interesting year for you, filled with luck, blessings, success and boundless opportunities. You are filled with optimism, enthusiasm, and big dreams which are unfolding and coming true. Any projects or plans begun this year will lean toward successful completion. Your innate goodness shines out into the world around you, and people show up out of the blue to help and support you. You find yourself surrounded by people who love and care about you deeply, and you return their sentiments.

At the same time, your emotions are intense and at times overwhelming, and you struggle with a need to dominate and control people and situations. This can be off putting and causes people to retreat, which is the exact opposite of what you long for emotionally. The solution is to stay awake and to be mindful of that urge to dominate and control, and to change your behavior in the face of that awareness. If this becomes too much to handle on your own, this is an ideal time to find a good therapist and deal with the root causes and original source of this dysfunction.

If you’ve been considering additional education or studies, especially anything related to your work and career, now is the time to pursue that. Your mind is keen, and learning will come easily to you. It will also increase your chances of achieving the success and acknowledgment you desire. A reading with a Career Advise Psychic can help you make wise choices.

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