Birthday Horoscope

October 10, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, you might be consumed with getting to the bottom of a mystery playing out in your life. You will be great at uncovering evidence and delivering the facts. You can excel at writing, research or public speaking, although you will be extremely opinionated.

You may discover that the time has come to discard an important element of your life that no longer works and to rebuild from the ground up. Once you commit to making a change, you can be fairly obsessive about it and won’t quit until you have completed your mission. Even though you might believe that your ideas and plans are the best, you will benefit from being open to alternative points of view. Your blind spots may be bigger than you think. Fortunately, you will benefit from the emotional support of partners, both personal and professional, and you can rely upon those whom you are closest to keep you on the right track.

In love, you will be strategic rather than spontaneous. You will be devoted to attaining your ideal spiritual union even if it happens to be somewhat naive. You could be hard to please and thus your love life may fall short of your expectations. Try not to be too critical of yourself or others. If relationship satisfaction is lacking, you may realize that a tendency to deny yourself pleasure is what’s robbing you of the love that you crave.

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