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Birthday Horoscope

November 28 2019 Birthday Horoscope

November 28, 2019

Happy Birthday! This is simply a lovely, joyful year for you, filled with socializing as well as deep emotional connections with the people you care about most. Simultaneously, you will notice you have an inner urge toward freedom, experimentation, and a desire to try new things and meet new people. Follow that impulse as this is an important year of personal growth which requires you to break out of any ruts or routines that shackle your spirit and prevent you from actualizing all you’re capable of. Let go of anyone or anything that bores you and set aside any bad habits that deaden your life force.

Your intuition is extremely strong this year and it would benefit you as well as others for you to develop it. Let yourself take classes or workshops in topics that interest you, including healing work and metaphysical affairs. Creativity is highlighted as well, so dive into anything that allows you to freely express yourself, especially your deepest emotions and beliefs. This may include writing, painting, drawing, dancing, music – the sky is the limit. Engage that which allows you to open your heart; this will lead to new opportunities and new relationships. Leave your inner critic behind, as well as anyone highly critical of you. It’s time to fly so cut the dead weight and soar! A reading with a Clairsentient can help you trust your own inner knowing, making it easier to move forward and let go of all you’ve outgrown.

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