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Birthday Horoscope

November 2 2019 Birthday Horoscope

November 2, 2019

Happy Birthday! This is a year where you feel everything so deeply and intensely that you may find it hard to control how you react to certain people or events. Your moods are profoundly affected by the people and circumstance surrounding you, and often your only reprieve is to remove yourself from certain situations and company. Your intuition, dreams, and psychic perceptions are especially keen, and they are part of the intense feelings you’re dealing with. Spiritual pursuits like meditation, dream study, astrology, and even past life regression will be a huge help in dealing with your increased sensitivity this year. You may even find that you want to pursue this for work, as a way of offering help and healing to others.

Avoid confrontation and battles this year, as they will drain your energy and leave you feeling dispirited and depressed. That doesn’t mean you need to be a pushover, but if you take the space necessary so you can respond instead of react, you’ll avoid unnecessary pain and suffering. Stay focused on your own goals and aspirations and don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked by the opinions of others. Trust your own deep knowing and keep moving forward. A bump in the road can serve to propel you and not derail you, depending on how you respond. A reading with a Clairsentient Psychic can help you get a handle on your own empathic and clairsentient abilities, which will make life much easier and far more pleasant.

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