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Birthday Horoscope

November 17 2019 Birthday Horoscope

November 17, 2019

Happy Birthday! This year finds you moving into new territory and exploring new possibilities. Your faith, optimism, and willingness to work hard for what you want are the perfect ingredients for success and you find that everything you touch seems to turn out well. You have the ability to inspire others, and you are often the first person someone turns to for advice, guidance, and feedback. You are a role model and inspire others. You serve as a leader for many around you, and you wear it well.

Be careful not to over work or push yourself past the breaking point. Strive for balance even as you are filled with passion, excitement, and vision. If you burn out, it will affect not just you but all the people who look to you for leadership, inspiration, and support. Pace yourself, take time out, and remember to rest. Stay mindful of your emotions, particularly anger, because if you repress or ignore it, it can build into a destructive explosion and cause harm to yourself and the people you care about. Your connection to spirituality is very strong this year, so be sure to establish an ongoing, daily spiritual practice that you can begin and end your day with. This will help you stay centered, balanced, and in harmony. A reading with an Empath Psychic can help you learn about and manage your own empathic abilities, which will bring you great peace.

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