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Birthday Horoscope

November 14 2018 Birthday Horoscope

November 14, 2018

Happy Birthday! Your journey through life has blessed you with incredible strength, resilience, and resourcefulness. This year, you’ll harness your powers and direct them toward achieving your most important personal and professional goals. You’ll work hard at transforming less desirable qualities such as self-destructive or self-defeating tendencies into habits that work for you rather than against you. The more honest you are about your shadow side, the more power you’ll possess to disarm it and free up the energy to use in empowering ways. You’ll be diligent and determined when it comes to healing emotional wounds and reclaiming your power from past pain. A reading with a Life Path Psychic can reveal how releasing the past will impact your future.

Emotionally, you’ll be rather cool, detached, and aloof. You may show more concern about humankind in general than specific human beings. It isn’t that you’re cold, but that you’ll find emotional drama distasteful and will prefer a more logical approach to dealing with feelings. You’ll be a great friend or colleague because you’ll seek solutions without getting emotionally involved or swayed by someone’s flair for the dramatic.

Love promises to passionate, although super unpredictable. This may be the one area of life that tests your ability to keep your cool. It could be especially turbulent if you’re partnered with someone who has an unpredictable schedule, an unconventional lifestyle or an unusual approach to relationships. Fortunately, you’ll be flexible enough to make it work.

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