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Birthday Horoscope

November 11 2019 Birthday Horoscope

November 11, 2019

Happy Birthday! You are filled with energy, power, enthusiasm, and faith this year and the projects and assignments that you engage in will most likely be extremely successful. This is an ideal year to tackle any task, even the most difficult, because your optimism, strong instincts, and willingness to work hard draw everything to you that you need in order to succeed. While you are skilled at self-sufficiency, you are also a magnet for people who will want to help you. Let them! Allowing others to support and help you is not a weakness; it allows people to get to know you better, to enter your orbit, and to share your energy. This inspires and uplifts them, and you can pay forward, when the time is right, everything you’ve received from others.

The other thing that must be mentioned is that your attractiveness and sexuality is at an all time peak this year and you will need to be mindful of this. You are like a magnet and will draw all kinds of attention and people to you, and many of them will want an intimate connection with you. If it’s reciprocal, enjoy it. However, if you want to keep things on a platonic or professional level you need to understand how your energy is flowing and that you will have to take the reins and redirect people’s intentions. A reading with a Clairsentient Psychic can help you with this.

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