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Birthday Horoscope

May 9 2021 Birthday Horoscope

May 9, 2021

Happy Birthday! This year you are running on rocket fuel! Your energy is boundless, and you have an inner drive to engage life at top speed. There are so many things, events, people, and opportunities coming your way that you don’t want to miss any of them. However, ironically, the key to being able to engage with and fully take advantage of everything is that you need to slow down and work on being fully present. Otherwise, just like scenery that streaks by when you’re in a fast-moving car, your speed will prevent you from doing, having, and making the most of this magical time.

Work on staying grounded and taking time off on a regular basis. That includes taking small breaks throughout your day. Even a 10 min walk outside, or a quick catnap can refresh and restore you enough to allow you to fully engage with whatever you step back into afterward. The better care you take of yourself the less emotionally volatile and reactive you’ll be. Taking care of yourself is not selfish, no matter what you’ve been told or taught. If you don’t make yourself a priority and take good care of yourself, no one else will. Not because they don’t care but because they can’t. Self-care is your responsibility and it’s tied intimately to self-love. How you think about, feel toward, and take care of yourself is reflected back to you by the world at large. A Love Psychic can help deepen your understanding regarding this issue.

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