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Birthday Horoscope

May 8 2021 Birthday Horoscope

May 8, 2021

Happy Birthday! This year your keen intelligence is front and center, apparent in everything you do. It combines with deep inner courage to make you a force of nature, and whatever you are focused on achieving or attaining will inevitably be yours. You are not daunted by hard work and the effort it takes to move your goals and projects forward, in fact, you’re often inspired by them. Be mindful though that you can be a little bit of a bulldozer when you’re focused on an end result. It will help if you lift your head, look around, and take notice of the landscape and people that surround you. That way you can make informed and compassionate choices instead of mowing everything and everyone who’s in your path down!

It’s also important that you pay attention to your own emotional needs. You can get so focused and involved in whatever project is on your drawing board that you work yourself to the point of physical, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion. Build regular downtime into your schedule and hold that time sacred. Do not let anything or anyone else push it aside. You need time to relax, reflect, and reboot, otherwise, you’ll make yourself sick. And here’s the thing, no one else can do this for you. You have to make yourself and your well-being a priority. You have to love yourself enough to take really good care of yourself. A Clairvoyant Psychic can help give you a glimpse into the future so you can relax and know what’s coming.

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