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Birthday Horoscope

May 31 2021 Birthday Horoscope

May 31, 2021

Happy Birthday! This year you break new ground, explore new territory, expand your horizons, and begin the process of creating a new, rewarding, fulfilling life. Of course, anytime change is afoot, it’s accompanied by fear. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It signals growth, and the unknown can be scary. What’s important is not that you’re afraid at times. That’s totally normal. What’s important is that you don’t allow it to stop you. A quick manifestation trick to help you move past the fear is to visualize your life once the change is behind you; to feel your way to the future, to feel who you will be when that comes to pass. This works like a magnet to help you move beyond your fear and toward what it is you truly want in your life, and what you want your life to be.

You may find that relationships fall away, situations you’ve grown complacent in become intolerable, issues you assumed were dead and buried arise for you to take another look at. While none of this may be easy, it’s all necessary and it’s all part of the transformation you’re engaged in. Your longing for freedom, your desire for new experiences, and your interest in new things are all part of your Soul whispering to you, calling you forward, supporting you as you navigate a new world. Trust yourself and keep putting one foot in front of the other. A Life Path Psychic can help you feel secure with your choices and decisions.

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