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Birthday Horoscope

May 3 2021 Birthday Horoscope

May 3, 2021

Happy Birthday! This year it’s like you have two separate and distinct realities and personalities. On the one hand, you are outgoing, optimistic, clever, witty, enthusiastic, love to travel, and delight in exploring new horizons and meeting new people. You can even, under the right circumstances, be the life of the party. On the other hand, you can, at times, be withdrawn, emotionally shut down, reserved, overly sensitive, and deeply introverted. One is better than the other, nor is one right and the other is wrong, but the wide divide can be hard to bridge for yourself, and for others.

The trick to managing this as it applies to your life is awareness. If you remain in touch with yourself, if you know yourself and stay conscious of the energy you are exuding, then you can manage this like the ocean tides. When the energy is high when the tide rolls in, that is when you surf, ride the waves, swim, and play in the sun. When the energy is low, when the tide is out, that’s when you clam, play on the sand flats and gather seaweed to fertilize your garden. As long as you are in harmony with the energy as it flows, your life will function perfectly. You will only run into trouble if you try to go clamming when you should surf, or surf when you should clam. An Empath Psychic can help you manage your extreme sensitivity and challenging emotions.

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