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Birthday Horoscope

May 24 2021 Birthday Horoscope

May 24, 2021

Happy Birthday! This is a celebratory year for you, a year where you remember and reconnect with what, and who is most important to you. Your awareness expands and your sense of the sacred grows stronger and deeper. No longer living on the surface of life, you find a richness and reward you did not know was there. Even the simple things take on a depth and meaning that nourishes you in new ways. A gratitude practice will allow joy to expand even more as the year unfolds.

As you grow and change, your relationships do as well. It becomes apparent whom you’ve outgrown. Just as apparent are those who have grown with you and are meant to continue journeying alongside you. You don’t struggle with this awareness; your choices are intuitively obvious, and you have begun to trust your inner knowing and wisdom. Your feelings, both positive and negative, become an important part of your internal GPS system, and you no longer fight the information flowing to you from your emotions.

You are clever, charming, visionary, and poetic this year, and your imagination is one of your superpowers. Explore ways to express your imagination and lean into the ones that make you happy. Your creativity is epic and if you neglect it you’ll regret it. Follow the breadcrumbs of joy and excitement that your Higher Self is leaving on the path for you. They will lead you to lasting happiness. If you need a sounding board, a Life Path Psychic is a perfect choice.

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