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Birthday Horoscope

May 2 2021 Birthday Horoscope

May 2, 2021

Happy Birthday! This year you are exceptionally sensitive, both emotionally and psychically, and will need to be discerning regarding the company you keep and the environments you spend time in. Every relationship you have will either lift you up or pull you down. None of them are neutral, and you won’t be able to transform a person who has a negative impact on you into someone who has a positive one, so don’t even try. You are someone who loves to nurture and care for others, so you may be tempted to think you can rescue, change, or save someone, but that is far above your paygrade. Instead, wish them well and move on to better companionship. The same is true of environments you spend time in. Seek out those that uplift you and make you feel better. For example, a lakeside cabin would be a better choice than a bar.

You are ambitious, career-oriented, and hardworking, and your business affairs thrive this year. Your mind is sharp and penetrating and your communication skills are both excellent and serve you well professionally. You can easily assess someone or something, perceiving what’s under the surface and what isn’t readily apparent to anyone else. This gives you an edge as you have information that no one else does. Use this superpower for good and never to manipulate or control. If it’s abused, the karmic repercussions will be very unpleasant. A Career Advice Psychic can help you decide which step to take next.

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