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Birthday Horoscope

May 6 2021 Birthday Horoscope

May 6, 2021

Happy Birthday! This year you find yourself engaged in ongoing battles between the light and dark, right and wrong, and compassion and harm. These themes seem to crop up everywhere you go, and you are not the kind of person who can simply ignore or overlook the mistreatment of others. And while there are some situations that absolutely must be addressed, the bigger question is why does this battlefield seem to appear everywhere you go? What are the lessons you are supposed to learn as you encounter this endless strife? Once you address the lessons, will the landscape around you transform?

One of the most important things you can do is learn self-contemplation and begin to understand that the world around you is a reflection of the world within you. The external world is a movie, and you are the writer, director, producer, and projector of the movie you’re watching. Once you have that realization then the whole game changes. Not only do you control the remote, but you also control the programming as well!

Your spiritual life becomes fundamentally important and provides you with a foundation on which to stand and upon which to build. Once you are on firm footing and understand life at a deep, internal level, anything you choose to engage, including any battle you want to fight, takes on new meaning and a more rewarding outcome. Consider working with a good therapist or counselor as you navigate this passage. A Medium Psychic can help by bringing you messages from powerful ancestors.

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