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Birthday Horoscope

June 3 2017 Birthday Horoscope

June 3, 2017

During your upcoming birthday year, enthusiasm, generosity, and the desire to understand others will color everything you do. Experiences that enrich your view of life and of the world around you such as education, spirituality, and travel could play a part in your plans. Learning, in all its forms, will be a source of self-nourishment. Activities that involve communications, publishing, education, counseling, cooking or travel could be successful as well as prosperous. You could see a major improvement in your financial situation, although you shouldn’t just wait around for something to happen. This is a great year to actively pursue opportunities to increase your income because you have the planetary support needed to generate prosperity. Just be careful that an increase in income doesn’t lead to increased spending. Paying your prosperity forward can keep you in a healthy financial flow.

In love, you will be a constant source of surprise. You will be rather passionate and your sex life could be unconventional and super steamy. However, your intensity won’t necessarily denote fidelity. The excitement of that which is fresh and new may send you bouncing from relationship to relationship in search of a thrill. It will be the chase that fires you up and not necessarily the conquest. However, you could fall for a mature and grounded person who respects your individuality and gives you room to fly. If you are coupled, spicing things up in the bedroom and inviting more spontaneity into your relationship will help to keep your interest.

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