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Birthday Horoscope

June 29 2017 Birthday Horoscope

June 29, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, you will bring innocence and curiosity to everything that you do. These are positive qualities that will allow you to participate in life without fear, heavy expectations or preconceived notions about what might happen. Your openness may lead you to pursue experiences that you would have shied away from in the past. As long as you don’t exceed the boundaries of what is safe or reasonable for you, this will be a period of positive exploration.

Your passions will be easily aroused and you will be very vocal about the things you love as well as the things that displease you. You will use your voice as the vehicle to fight your way to the top (or at least the next level) of your profession. Just be careful not to become too aggressive in your pursuit. You will do well in any role that allows you to act as a spokesperson or advocate for others. You may excel in professions that involve the military, healthcare, physical fitness or working with people who are disabled or disadvantaged.

Despite your outspokenness, you may tend to keep your innermost emotions concealed from public view. Your deep sensitivity may demand that certain aspects of your personal life be concealed from public view. You are apt to be very private about your love life, but behind closed doors you will be intensely passionate, devoted, and steadfast in your emotions.

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