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Birthday Horoscope

June 1 2017 Birthday Horoscope

June 1, 2017

During your upcoming birthday year, circumstances may compel you to become a vocal advocate  for the things that represent nurturing and security to you. This could involve taking a stand in your professional world and asking for better pay or improved working conditions. Or it may involve addressing your emotional needs in a relationship. Be careful not to cast yourself as the victim and make sure self-sabotage doesn’t prevent you from receiving what you desire. Cultivating self-worth will ultimately help to attract the relationships and opportunities you feel you deserve.

A steady mind, determination, and solid communication skills will contribute to the success of your endeavors. Activities that involve writing, study, and working with your hands will be favored. This can be a fortunate year for finances providing you put in the work to make things happen.

Ambition, competition, and a frenzied professional agenda could make it challenging for you to manage your responsibilities at home. This may drive you to seek outside assistance. An unconventional arrangement pertaining to home or family could be the answer to your problem. Your mate or other loved ones may offer support in unusual ways.

Love will be exciting and rife with possibility. You will be passionate and impulsive. A commitment entered into suddenly could be long-lasting. Your best match will be a partner who is unpredictable and respects your independence. If you are coupled, spontaneity can rekindle romance.

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