Birthday Horoscope

July 8, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, you may feel empowered to unpack your gifts and to manifest your full potential in the world. Making the most of your talents will involve finding a way to use them in service of others. Your deep sensitivity, compassion, and empathy will make it easy to understand and to relate to people who are going through a challenging time. However, it will be important you know your limits and that you guide others in improving their lives rather than doing it for them. You could excel in the healing or intuitive arts as well as counseling, healthcare, childcare, and nutrition.

When it comes to your emotions, you are operating from a place of deep strength, fierce determination, and resilience. This will be most evident in how you deal with home and family matters. You will be very committed to transforming this area of your life. From repairs and renovations to overhauling family dynamics, you will direct your efforts toward getting rid of what no longer works and rebuilding from the ground up. Just be careful not to become controlling.

In love, you will be friendly and easygoing. Your best match will be someone with whom you can communicate freely and who shares your intellectual interests. You will get along well with a mate who fits into your social circle and enjoys spending time with your mutual friends and acquaintances. Shared travel experiences will also contribute to your happiness.

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