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Birthday Horoscope

July 7 2019 Birthday Horoscope

July 7, 2019

Happy Birthday! This year, your loving and seductive vibe levels up your attraction factor. Love and money will sometimes come your way effortlessly and often from unusual sources. After a while, you could take your blessings for granted and look for flaws in what you receive. No person and no opportunity is perfect, so focus on what works and make the best of whatever falls short of your expectations. Your resourcefulness and resilience will be markedly increased. Thus, you’ll be well equipped to handle whatever comes your way. Circumstances that most people would find too challenging to manage can be easily dealt with by you. This could prompt you to work with people in crisis such as addicts, the homeless, and prisoners. Be mindful not to play the martyr or sacrifice your own well-being in service to others.

You can be a courageous communicator whose words wake people up and motivate them to confront uncomfortable truths. As a leader or team player, you can benefit from collaboration. Be mindful not to step on toes or be too confrontational. Be consistent rather than constantly changing your views or your course of action

You’ll be intensely loyal to your personal interests and to those of your family and your tribe. You may feel the need to protect them from outside forces that feel threatening. This may involve reclaiming autonomy from someone or something to whom you surrendered your power in the past. This is an excellent year to grow in new directions, to forge empowering alliances, and to make choices that strengthen your independence. Ask a Life Path Psychic for insight into what’s ahead.

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