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Birthday Horoscope

July 6 2019 Birthday Horoscope

July 6, 2019

Happy Birthday! This year, you’ll come across as the peacemaker and diplomat, though the reality is more complicated. You’ll be intensely loyal to your personal interests and to those of your family and your tribe. Thus, you’ll give the impression that you’re working for the benefit of all while what you’re really doing is pushing your personal agenda. You’re more likely to imply covert maneuvers if you feel the need to protect yourself from outside forces that control you or restrict you. Breaking free from situations in which your security or happiness is dependent upon external sources is a good thing. This is an excellent year to grow in new directions, to forge empowering alliances, and to make choices that strengthen your independence. It’s time to stop compromising yourself and relinquishing your autonomy.

You can be a courageous communicator whose words wake people up and motivate them to confront uncomfortable truths. As a leader or team player, you can benefit from collaboration. Be mindful not to step on toes or be too confrontational. Be consistent rather than constantly changing your views or your course of action.

In love, you’ll be deeply nurturing and passionate, though you should be careful not to play mama or papa bear to your partner. If you’re single, beware of potential love interests who are broken and need to be fixed. Whether coupled or single, you’ll feel an urge to connect emotionally and sexually in exciting new ways. A Love Psychic can reveal where romance is trending in the year ahead.

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