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Birthday Horoscope

July 31 2019 Birthday Horoscope

July 31, 2019

The New Moon occurring on your birthday signifies that a chapter of your life is closing and a new one is beginning. This is more than just the usual fresh start that comes with each birthday. This year presents an opportunity to remake your life anew. Charisma, warmth, and potent powers of attraction will be your hallmark. You’ll often be the center of attention. Even when you want to fly under the radar, you can’t help but shine. The world might think they know what you’re about, but they don’t. You’ll be attentive and deeply caring one minute, and then outré and unpredictable the next. Acting on your impulses will be a noticeable feature of your personality. You’re coming into harmony with your shortcomings and eccentricities. As a result, you’ll feel free to be yourself and you’ll be more willing to take risks

You’ll feel a particularly close connection with your ancestors. You’ll sense their presence around you, and their guidance and protection will be a source of tremendous strength. A reading with a Deceased Loved Ones Psychic can help you connect to the other side.

In love, you’ll want all the attention all the time but when you want space, you’re nowhere to be found. With romance, you’ll require a lot more excitement than usual. If you’re coupled and your partner doesn’t keep things interesting, it could be tempting to look elsewhere. An intriguing and unconventional person who embraces your individuality and respects your space will be your best match.

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