Birthday Horoscope

July 3, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, you will find it easy to relate to all sorts of people. Your sensitivity, friendliness, and generosity will endear you to others and will make for positive relationships with the people around you. You will be at your best when you find a way to be of service to the people you care about and you may also feel called to perform charitable acts. Just be careful not to overestimate how much you can or should do for others. You can excel in fields involving healthcare, fitness, counseling, and nutrition.

You will be very sensitive to what is happening around you and your heightened intuition will prove to be a valuable tool for navigating your world. With your heart and mind operating in sync, you will know which moves are the right ones and you can act with tremendous confidence. Heeding your intuition could lead to new career and financial opportunities.

You may feel that you possess privileged information and rather than keeping it to yourself, you might choose to use it to initiate change in your world. This can give rise to impassioned outbursts of speech that take your audience by surprise. Be careful that your penchant for stirring things up doesn’t lead you into dangerous situations.

In love, you like a bit of a challenge. You can be very passionate and both verbally and physically demonstrative. Your spontaneous mode of self-expression will keep your partner on his or her toes.

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