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Birthday Horoscope

July 28 2020 Birthday Horoscope

July 28, 2020

Happy Birthday! This year you feel a strong pull toward humanitarian affairs and a desire to make a difference in the world. Your spiritual life is a deep well that nourishes you and you’re in strong communion with your Soul, which guides you. Therefore, even in the face of challenge and adversity, you can remain calm, focused, optimistic, and certain of a positive outcome. You can see deeply into situations and people; it’s as if you have intuitive x-ray vision which is incredibly accurate. Regardless of what’s on the surface, you see and feel what’s below, what’s being hidden from other people. This is a powerful gift that you may want to turn into a vocation or meaningful work as a healer, shaman, counselor, or therapist.

Your emotions are incredibly strong this year and you may even feel frightened at the power they hold. Look for ways to channel them into art or activity that drains and tames them and makes them easier to direct and control. They are your friends, and bring you important information, even though it might not feel that way sometimes. Keep a tight leash on your words because they, too, are filled with power. For good or ill, your words impact others in a powerful way. Rather than wield them as weapons, use them to uplift, support, and inspire others. A reading with an Empath Psychic can help you manage the depth of feeling you navigate this year, and help you unpack the gifts they bring.

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