Birthday Horoscope

July 28, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, you will display courage, ambition, and strong leadership skills. No matter what your field of expertise happens to be, you will bring something unique to the table that can capture everyone’s attention. Your boldness and confidence can help you to make a huge splash in your professional world, so don’t hold back! This is the year to go for what you want. You can excel in professions that will make good use of your charisma, bravado, and flair for the dramatic.

The secret to your happiness will be your unshakeable optimism, and enthusiasm. Because you believe that things will work out for you, they often do. It won’t be something that you brag about, but more of a secret faith that you keep to yourself. Because you possess a sense of humor about the absurdities of life, there won’t be much that gets you down. Be aware that not everyone will get your magical way of thinking, so be careful not to force others to adapt your way of thinking.

In love, you are following your own vision, unswayed by the popular depiction of romance and relationships. Your best match will be with an equally independent thinker who communicates well and who is confident enough to give you space to grow. Someone who is marching to the beat of his or her own drum will appeal to you.

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