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Birthday Horoscope

July 26 2020 Birthday Horoscope

July 26, 2020

Happy Birthday! This year you are outgoing, charming, charismatic, generous of spirit, attractive, and people are drawn to you like moths are drawn to light. This is because the light of your Soul shines through you powerfully this year and it beckons people to you from all walks of life. If you have not yet found your vocation, you will this year. It is not enough for you to work for a paycheck or to cover your bills, you are mission driven and have a deep calling to make a difference on the planet with the work you do. You are extremely positive, idealist, optimistic, and some would say, lucky. The truth is your luck is simply the force of benevolent energy that flow from your kind and open heart and then returns to you in the form of connections, opportunities, and blessings.

Your biggest challenge this year is in your personal, romantic relationships. You long for a partner, which is totally understandable; however, you tend to collapse into relationships, lose yourself, and become too dependent, which becomes a problem for your partner, and ultimately for you. Consider working with a counselor or therapist to get to the root of this issue so you can finally heal it and create the kind of connection and relationship you long for. Once you are able to internally reference what you’re seeking outside yourself, you’ll find that romantic relationships take on a whole new quality. A reading with a Love Psychic can help you with this process.

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