Birthday Horoscope

July 26, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, your demeanor will be rather bold and you will work hard at making an impression in your world. The question is whether the impression you make will be the right one. You can be pretty cheeky and won’t necessarily care about exhibiting decorum. Knowing when and how to work your larger than life personality will be the key to your success. You can excel in professions that require charisma, bravado, and strong leadership skills.

Even though you are exceptionally strong and emotionally resilient, in private you may suffer from fear and insecurity. Despite evidence that you have overcome many of the challenges that life has thrown your way, you may doubt your ability to persevere. Having a tight inner circle of trusted family and friends will bolster your confidence. You may feel more guarded about your private life and this is probably a good thing, especially if your work puts you in the public eye.

In love, there might be a question of whether you want to settle down or be free to pursue your options. Or you could attract a partner who presents this dilemma. In either case, you may need the freedom to consider alternative ways of dating and relating.

A major change in your home and family life such as a move or a renovation could be disruptive. Be careful not to be too ambitious nor to get in over your head. Chances are that you are being overly optimistic and you don’t realize how intense this process will be.

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