Birthday Horoscope

July 25, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, your demeanor will be rather bold and you will work hard at making an impression in your world. The question is whether the impression you make will be the right one. You can be pretty cheeky and won’t necessarily care about exhibiting decorum. You will be witty and eager to have the last word. Fortunately, you will have a lot of interesting stories and ideas to share. You will be a champion of change and innovation. With the right effort, you can establish yourself as a trendsetter in your field. You can excel in professions that require bravado and strong leadership skills. Activities that involve writing, communication, technology, and social media are favored.

You can be critical and calculating. Once you latch onto an idea or point of view, it can be difficult for you to consider alternatives. You will be fiercely devoted to your friends and to any groups that you participate in. Even though you might be set in your way of thinking, you will enjoy debates and lively exchanges of ideas with others.

You may be eager to make a major change in your home and family life. This could involve a move, a renovation project, or another drastic change in your living arrangements. Be careful not to be too ambitious nor to get in over your head, as this could prove to be a huge disruption. Chances are that you are being overly optimistic and you don’t realize how intense this process will be.

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