Birthday Horoscope

July 23, 2017

The next 12 months will mark a significant, turning point in your life. When the New Moon falls on your birthday it indicates a break with the past and a chance to take your life in a new direction. This year, you will bring high energy, passion, and courage to everything that you do. Your flair for the dramatic will transform your public acts into performances. No matter what your field of expertise, you will excel when you have an audience who appreciates your talents. Despite your entertaining demeanor, you won’t just be about fun and games. You will fight for what you believe in, even if means confronting people with difficult truths. Even if they disagree with you, they will respect your willingness to face problems head on. You will be a champion of change and innovation. You will have a lot of interesting ideas and you won’t be shy about sharing them with others. This can help to establish you as a trendsetter in your field. You can excel in professions that require bravado and strong leadership skills. Activities that involve writing, communication, technology, and social media are favored.

You may be eager to make a major change in your home and family life. This could involve a move, a major renovation project, or another drastic change in your living arrangements. Be careful not to be too ambitious nor to get in over your head, as this could prove to be a major disruption.

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