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Birthday Horoscope

July 17 2019 Birthday Horoscope

July 17, 2019

Happy Birthday! This year, you’ll thrive when you source new ways to care for yourself and provide for the needs of your family and tribe. This can mean disconnecting from an external source that demands your total allegiance but, in truth, no longer serves you. Continuing to toe the line may afford a certain level of security, but it could ultimately compromise your integrity or personal interests to do so. In all areas, it may be beneficial to cut ties with people or situations that have the power to manipulate, control, or restrict what you do. This year, you’ll attract caring people into your life who can provide what you need and connect you with new opportunities. A Life Path Psychic can shine a light on the path ahead.

When it comes to emotions, you’ll be detached, unpredictable, and rebellious. There’s an insatiable urge to break free from restrictions and do things your way. This could involve changing your relationship status, moving, or making other changes in your living arrangements. To onlookers, your actions may appear sudden or unexplainable. However, you may feel that your choices are being dictated by your ancestors or other spiritual guides. It’s all in the interest of honoring your individuality and attaining greater freedom.

In love, you’re deeply nurturing and romantic. Be careful not to lavish your affection upon someone whose heart is closed. Learning how to put your emotional needs first may be essential to relationship happiness.

Creative energy is heightened making this a promising year for those working in the arts, fashion or beauty.

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