Birthday Horoscope

July 17, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, you will be daring, bold, and super ambitious. Chances are good that you can succeed in pushing your career to the next level. However, this will not be without its upsets. You might not play nicely with others, especially if they are standing in the way of what you want to do. Be aware that taken to its extreme, your ambition can create major upsets in your relationships, both personal and professional. Your frustration and anger at anything or anyone that opposes you could be hard to contain. Daily exercise and anger management techniques may help you keep your cool. Despite a tendency to put your desires above others, you will crave companionship and support. Let this be your motivation to overcome selfish tendencies and to strive to create more harmonious relationships.

In love and friendship, you are capable of being good-natured and generous. You will get along well with people with whom you can communicate freely and who share your interests. You will enjoy meeting new people, especially those who come from a country, culture, or background that is different from your own. If you are single, disillusionment about romance may prompt you to keep your options open and play the field. Also, if your career is your number one priority (and this year, it might be) you may find it more convenient to remain unattached.

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