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Birthday Horoscope

July 15 2019 Birthday Horoscope

July 15, 2019

Happy Birthday! This year, you’ll serve your highest good when you maintain your caring and compassionate vibe despite feeling that people aren’t always equally responsive to your feelings and needs. The best way to counteract a deficit of support is to love more. It isn’t a call to be a doormat but to be more loving (especially to yourself) when you feel that you need to pull back from the harshness of the world. You can be rather stoic and may be inclined to live in a spartan manner if you feel that it strengthens your character, as well as your bank account, to do without. You won’t earn any points for playing the martyr though. In fact, it can reinforce your worst tendencies. You’ll grow through nurturing yourself and your loved ones and being attentive to your needs for love, comfort, and pleasure.

Love can be nurturing, romantic, and deeply rewarding when you give in to pleasure and cease denying yourself the joy that you desire most. In love and business, relationships can be tumultuous, although if you want commitment you have to take the rough with the smooth. Communicating your deepest hopes and fears to your partner can change your relationship in unexpected ways. It can help to mend rifts between you and can move you out of a rut. This year, stasis will not be an option in your most important relationships, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. A Love Psychic can reveal where your love life is trending in the year ahead.

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