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Birthday Horoscope

July 11 2019 Birthday Horoscope

July 11, 2019

Happy Birthday! This year, being more loving, more nurturing, and more devoted to protecting your own interests, as well as those of your family and tribe, will be the best to way overcome the forces of oppression in your world. Upholding the status quo can provide a certain level of comfort and predictability, though it will require that you relinquish your autonomy to forces greater than yourself that don’t give a fig about your personal concerns. Luckily, your heart and mind are operating perfectly in sync, making it easy for you to make the right choices and to follow through with what you’ve set out to do. Your emotional power and intuition are heightened so you can’t go wrong when you follow your heart. This can be a promising year for work and money, especially if you’re proactive in pursuing new opportunities and connecting with people who can support your efforts to get ahead. Your biggest opponent will be the voice inside of you that tells you that stepping out of your lane is dangerous and that you be should be content to keep things exactly as they are. A reading with a Career Advice Psychic can reveal the potential opportunities ahead.

Your heightened intuition and vivid imagination will lend themselves well to healing, the intuitive arts, and creative pursuits.

In love, you’re deeply caring, passionate, and seductive. Emotionally and materially, you’ll often attract exactly what you desire, though you may find that you enjoy the feeling of power that comes from having your wishes fulfilled more than you enjoy obtaining what you desired.

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