Birthday Horoscope

July 11, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, you will fight to uphold tradition and to defend your tribe from outside influences and control. Your tribe might be your family, circle of friends, community, or country. Change is inevitable, especially if the culture or environment no longer supports the highest good of everyone involved.

A major overhaul may occur in your domestic life. From repairs and renovations to transforming family dynamics, you will seek to get rid of what no longer works and rebuild from the ground up. This will allow you to create a home base that reflects your current needs and values. Just be careful not to be controlling and be sure to consider the needs and desires of everyone who will be affected by these changes.

When it comes to emotions, you are marching to the beat of your own drum. Even though you may express yourself in an unusual way, it should be obvious that you are communicating from the heart and that you bring a message of peace. You are apt to approach relationships in an unconventional way. Independence, equality, and freedom of self-expression will be very important to you. Your best match will be with someone with whom you can communicate freely and who shares your intellectual interests. You will get along well with a mate who fits into your social circle and enjoys spending time with your mutual friends and acquaintances. Shared travel experiences will also contribute to your happiness.

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