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Birthday Horoscope

July 10 2019 Birthday Horoscope

July 10, 2019

Happy Birthday! This year, your charm factor is off the charts, due in no small part to your ability to be deeply caring and nurturing without being clingy. Your popularity can help to advance your interests socially and professionally, though you could quickly lose favor if you take advantage of those who have placed their faith in you. Beneath your calming and graceful demeanor lies a determination to protect your own interests as well as those of your family and tribe. Hence, you can be rather ruthless, especially when it comes to money. This area of your life can be subject to major highs and lows, which can be exacerbated by constantly changing course. Your best bet is to strive for consistency and to stick to what you’ve started. A Money Psychic can tell you more about what’s ahead.

You may have to contend with a person or situation that wants to restrict you and demands that you uphold the status quo. Your happiness and success may depend upon your ability to establish autonomy and to make connections with people who encourage and support your growth. Despite whatever challenges may arise, you’ll be deeply nurturing and compassionate. Your creative and intuitive abilities will be heightened. This can be a promising year for those working in the arts or the healing professions.

Love promises to be super intense and emotionally charged. There’s a vulnerability that comes with opening your heart to someone that can be unsettling. Communicating your fears and actively working to solve problems in a relationship as they arise can help to ensure your happiness. Go with creative solutions that work for you and your partner rather than doing things by the book.

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