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Birthday Horoscope

July 1 2020 Birthday Horoscope

July 1, 2020

Happy Birthday! This is an incredibly powerful year for you, one in which you discover your true calling and begin to take the steps necessary for you to embody an entirely new aspect of yourself, as well as embrace a vocation that excites you and speaks to your Soul. You are unstoppable and filled with energy and quiet ambition that keeps you moving forward, no matter the obstacle.

Your mind is incredibly sharp, and your intellect is almost prescient in its ability to see what’s ahead. You have a mental clarity and insight that can be used in service of your profession, your personal life, and any causes you want to promote. You will likely feel drawn to fight for justice, to work on behalf of the underdog and those being mistreated; trust this inner desire and move in the direction it leads you. Your personal power grows as you embrace helping others.

Your mind, your thoughts, and your words have the power to uplift, heal, and transform others. It’s vital that you do not allow yourself to squander this power in petty arguments and squabbles, and that you do not use this power to manipulate or denigrate others. If you find yourself behaving in that manner, realize your own past abuse is surfacing. Reach out for help from a therapist if need be so you can heal this in yourself and not repeat old patterns. A reading with a Life Path Psychic can help you navigate the path ahead.

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