Birthday Horoscope

July 1, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, your enthusiasm, sensitivity, and your ability to tune into the needs of the people around you will make you a useful figure in the workplace. You will be seen as someone who can be relied upon to provide tremendous emotional and practical support. Because you have a strong desire to please others, you may find it hard to say no. This can lead to you doing more than your fair share and committing to more projects than you can handle. You will do well in any role where you act as a spokesperson or advocate for others. You may excel in professions that involve the military, law enforcement, healthcare, physical fitness or working with people who are disabled or disadvantaged. You will be very ambitious and will work hard to realize your full potential.

Your passions will be easily aroused and you will be very vocal about the things that matter to you. You won’t be likely to to run from a fight and could, in some scenarios, be the person to start one. Be careful that anger and an eagerness to challenge authority don’t lead you into dangerous situations.

In love, you will be passionate and steadfast. You will be willing to make whatever adjustments are required in order to promote harmony and healing in your relationship. You will find it easy to offer compassion to your partner and you will be very tolerant of his or her shortcomings.

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