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Birthday Horoscope

July 8 2020 Birthday Horoscope

July 8, 2020

Happy Birthday! This year you make a splash wherever you go! You are incredibly ambitious and determined to succeed, and the Universe lines up to make that happen. Your fierce intelligence, grace, and beauty place you in a spotlight and people line up to help you, and to be in your company. You have charisma that draws people to you, and while this is a wonderful gift, stay mindful that you don’t use people for selfish ends or step on anyone to get what you want. These behaviors will quickly come back to haunt you, so stay kind, lead with compassion, and all will be well.

You have a profound need for freedom in every area of your life this year. You may feel restless and find that you need more adventure and stimulation than you used to. Look for healthy ways to satisfy this and do not try to force yourself to stay somewhere or with someone you know you have outgrown. Blocking your emotions or rigidly shutting down so you can stay where you no longer belong will cause deep harm. You have the opportunity to address old issues and wounds from your early years that rise up in your personal relationships. Reach out to a good therapist so you can heal these old energies once and for all. A reading with a Clairsentient Psychic can help you get to the root of the behaviors that keep you stuck and allow you to rise into a whole new level of freedom.

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