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Birthday Horoscope

January 10 2020 Birthday Horoscope

January 10, 2020

Happy Birthday! This year you learn about yourself and learn to stand up for yourself in the face of any opposition. You develop your authenticity and personal power and hold to your personal truth no matter what anyone else thinks or says. Begin by tuning in to what really matters to you, to what you value and hold dear, and become aware of your deepest core beliefs. Realize that this is not an event, it’s a process, and it can be strengthened by journaling and/or counseling as you go. Do not be upset if events or individuals show up and create opposition or difficulty in your life. See them as messengers or teachings that support your quest and journey into Truth and personal sovereignty.

Your communication abilities and intelligence, including your emotional intelligence, are highlighted this year, and any activities that allow you to genuinely express yourself are highly recommended. Writing, blogging, public speaking, acting, and singing, are all possible options and allow you to reach out to an audience of like-minded others. Higher education, learning, expansion, and new directions are also underscored, so if you’ve considered going back to school or pursuing continuing education this is an ideal year for that. If your career is fulfilling and reflects your vocation and heart, then any additional education you pursue will pay great dividends in your work going forward. If you’re working just to pay the bills, consider a change. A reading with a Career Path Psychic can help you make wise choices that will positively affect your future.

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