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Birthday Horoscope

February 4, 2018

Your Astrological Forecast for the Year
Courtesy of California Psychics

During this upcoming birthday year, you will feel in charge of your life and your career. Your heart and mind will operate in perfect sync, giving you the confidence that you need to make bold moves. Creativity combined with professional competence will pave the way for success. When you understand the rules, you can employ creative means to use them to your advantage. If things are going smoothly, it can be easy to just coast along. However, future advancement may depend upon your ability to use your past achievements as a springboard to a new opportunity. Challenge yourself to move beyond your comfort zone and to do more.

Your keen intellect, cleverness, and drive will be huge assets. You will benefit from sharing ideas with like-minded people and working together to achieve shared goals. You will especially benefit from relationships with individuals who possess the skills needed to take your projects to the next level. You are likely to see improvements in your everyday work life, such as better hours or increased opportunities and good relations with coworkers, and there could be a powerful supporter who has your back.

In love, you will be playful and romantic. However, you could become bored with the usual people and the same old routines. Unless significant changes are made to your romance script, you might be unwilling to continue to play the same role in your relationships. It is time to change things up!

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