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Birthday Horoscope

February 2, 2018

Your Astrological Forecast for the Year
Courtesy of California Psychics

During this upcoming birthday year, you will be capable of accomplishing almost anything you set your mind to. You can steadily work toward achieving your goal without distraction. The question is whether you are evolving and moving toward something new or merely pursuing a different version of the same old thing? You can do well if you stick with what you know, but you will eventually need to expand your horizons. Don’t wait until you get bored or hit a wall with your current path before you try something new. You will have a lot of novel (and sometimes crazy) ideas about how to change your life, but you will need to leave your comfort zone in order to make things happen. Be on the lookout for like-minded people who will support you and collaborate with you to attain shared goals.

You will work to transform your home into a place of order and beauty. The more uncertainty you feel about your professional life and the world at large, the more you will seek to control your home environment and to keep your domestic life calm. You may decide to move, to renovate, or to make a major change in your living arrangements in order to achieve your end goal.

In love, you might be the savior or the one who needs saving. In either case, it is a role that you will devote yourself to wholeheartedly. Just remember that you have a choice as to whether or not to accept this part in your romantic play. Want a new role? Do what nurtures you.

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