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Birthday Horoscope

December 7 2019 Birthday Horoscope

December 7, 2019

Happy Birthday! Your creativity and artistic ability is extraordinarily strong this year and by pursuing and expressing these abilities you find fulfillment and reward. Dream big and know that your dreams and goals will manifest because you are aligned with your highest purpose. Set aside self-doubt and the confusion that follows; trust that you are being guided, and let what you love move you into your future. Rather than looking for meaning and purpose in external things, or letting others tell you what should be important to you, look within yourself. Get in touch with what brings you joy, and then follow that yellow brick road.

You are a sensitive person and this year your sensitivity increases; your kindness and compassion are gifts, but sometimes they pull you in directions and cause you pain. You are not responsible for, or meant to fix, the lessons and struggles of others. Do your best to stay in your own hula-hoop and trust that others will figure out their own lessons and how to manage their own lives. Friends are important to you and offer the support you need when you’re experiencing pockets of self-doubt. Your compassionate and caring nature as well as your vision and artistic ability can be a huge boon to a group or a cause that you believe in. A reading with an Empath Psychic can teach you how to best manage your sensitivity and empathic abilities.

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