Birthday Horoscope

December 3, 2017

Your Astrological Forecast for the Year
Courtesy of California Psychics

With your birthday occurring on the Full Moon, you will feel that it is time to step into your power. Decide what risks are worth taking and what causes are worth standing up for. You may fear the ways in which your life will change should you succeed, but you shouldn’t let this hold you back. How will it impact your life if you discover that you are as powerful as you have secretly believed yourself to be? Will you be capable of handling the responsibilities that come with wielding more power in your world?

This promises to be a year of self-discovery during which you will find out which goals hold meaning for you and which should be discarded. Spirituality, higher education, travel, and other pursuits that teach you about life, the world, and your place in it will be especially meaningful.

You will bring incredible mental discipline and focus to everything that you do. Your capacity for study and research will aid you in conquering challenging topics and developing new skills. You could prosper through activities that involve introducing innovation into traditional ways of doing things. Look to things that are modern, experimental, or cutting-edge for ways to make money. These activities might involve writing, learning, computers, social media, and new technology. Your willingness to take chances and to try new things can open doors, but play it safe with money matters.

Your domestic life will be very important to you, but you could resent the sacrifices that you make in order to ensure its security. In love, you will be eager to explore new ways of dating and relating.

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