Birthday Horoscope

December 28, 2017

Your Astrological Forecast for the Year
Courtesy of California Psychics

During this upcoming birthday year, your life will be marked by happiness and joie de vivre. You may feel that it is your personal responsibility to nurture others and bring joy into their lives. Because you feel so grounded and sure of yourself, you will feel that you can extend yourself to others without it compromising you in any way. Just be careful not to be overbearing. Because you believe that you are acting in the best interest of others, you could overstep boundaries and create conflict. You can be stubborn and set in your ways, so it can be difficult to see matters from another person’s point of view.

You may question whether you possess the knowledge or education needed to achieve your long-term goals. This is an ideal year to go back to school and push yourself to learn new things and acquire new skills. What you learn can help you express yourself in a new way and improve your creativity.

In love, you will be determined, steadfast, and loyal. Once you have committed to a relationship, you will stick with it no matter what events may attempt to distract you from staying the course. However, you won’t give your heart away to just anyone and you won’t allow a person to get close until he or she has proven their worth. Romantic commitments made this year will not be easily broken. A great relationship has the potential to be long-lasting. Unfortunately, the same goes for a crappy one, so choose with care.

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