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Birthday Horoscope

December 27 2019 Birthday Horoscope

December 27, 2019

Happy Birthday! You will find that success comes easily to you this year, and so does popularity. It seems like everyone and their mother wants to hang out with you. That’s because you are filled with optimism, happiness, and uplifting energy, and people feel better in your company. The good news is that they are not draining you in order to feel better; it’s more like a tuning fork effect. You feel super happy, confident, and enthusiastic about life, and it strikes the chord of that same buoyant energy that lies dormant in others. People you work with, as well as those in your personal life respect and support your drive, focus, and initiative and want to help you succeed.

Travel and a love of learning are themes in your life this year and whenever you are able to pack a bag and get away, do so. The same is true for taking classes, workshops, and retreats. If you receive continuing education credits you can use toward your work, then that’s like getting double points on your credit card. You can’t go wrong! You may be called to support a humanitarian cause or extend nurturing and compassion to those less fortunate than you. Your empathy is strong and your heart open and it’s important to find a way to express this that benefits you as well as the recipient of your largesse. A reading with an Empath Psychic can help you work with your own empathic ability.

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