Birthday Horoscope

December 24, 2017

Your Astrological Forecast for the Year
Courtesy of California Psychics

During this upcoming birthday year, you will be determined to be the best team player you can be. You will bring tremendous self-discipline and a willingness to assume responsibility for collaborations and shared tasks. You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you succeed at coordinating with others to achieve important goals, but be careful not to deny yourself the recognition you deserve for your individual contribution.

When it comes to your emotions, you will be sensitive, compassionate, and highly intuitive. You will get a lot out of meditation, dreamwork, therapy, and other contemplative practices. If you are an artistic dabbler or work in an artistic field, this could be a highly creative time. You will be rather passionate about everything you do and that includes helping others. You will be very generous, especially toward those who are less fortunate. Volunteering and donating to charity may appeal to you.

In love, you will be super cautious. You won’t give your heart away to just anyone and you won’t allow a person to get close until he or she has proven their worth. However, once you commit you will be in it for the long haul. For better or for worse, romantic commitments made this year will not be easily broken. A great relationship has the potential to last a lifetime (or close to it). Unfortunately, the same goes for a crappy one, so choose with care.

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