Birthday Horoscope

December 21, 2017

Your Astrological Forecast for the Year
Courtesy of California Psychics

During this upcoming birthday year, you may rise to a position of power or prominence. If you are older than 29, this may be an continuation of achievements previously made or something that you aspired to 29 years ago. If you were a child then, you may have entertained certain ideas about your future or events playing out in your parents’ lives at the time may have foreshadowed upcoming events. If you are within a couple years of age 29, this year could be your first real pinnacle of success. You can expect to work extra hard and you will probably forgo certain pleasures in favor of putting in the hours needed to achieve your goal. It might feel like self-denial (and it is) but with the finish line in sight, you will feel that crossing it needs to be your number one priority. This could prove to be a breakthrough year for career.

You will possess rather high-minded ideals and you will be quick to defend them. You will be very passionate about the things that have a meaning for you and you won’t be likely to back down from a fight. Just be sure to pick your battles wisely.

In love, you will be bold, adventurous, and assertive. You may be attracted to people who come from different countries or cultures, or you could be attracted to people who are different from your usual type. Your best match will be someone who respects your individuality and gives you space to grow.

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